We offer several publishing packages


DragonEye Publishing offer authors 3 packages for publishing books. Fees are for setup for production, but do not include other services, such as Editing and Designing fees, which are separate fees. 

                                                                                   POD  Basic Limited Only US 
Distribution Availability
$ 400
POD Extended US / UK
Worldwide  Distribution 
Offset Printing Full Scale  
Distribution  US / Worldwide
US distribution, / BN stores, Amazon, US booksellers, other Online Booksellers, and Wholesaler / distributors                    X

Worldwide wholesalers / Distributors and sales through Bookstores / online Booksellers Worldwide 
Distribution and sales for US / Worldwide - Wholesalers / Distributors / Bookstores / Booksellers Worldwide


A 30% Royalty will be paid from net sales after Discount and Printing Fees have been applied.                   X

A 20% Royalty will be paid from net sales after Discount and Printing Fees have been applied.
A 15% Royalty will be paid from net sales after Discount and Printing Fees have been applied.


Publisher warehouse storage monthly fees.                  X                      X                      X
Distributor warehouse storage monthly fees.                  X                      X                      X

For any Returned copies - that goes back into Inventory - Restocking fees.                        X                       X                            X

Charge back to Booksellers for Returning unsold copies fees.                         X                        X                            X

DragonEye Publishing will review your manuscript throughout several departments, and will determine if your work meets our requirements, before signing any author. These include, but are not limited to,  Editing and cover creation, layout and book size,  designing, and more.

Optional FEES


1) Editing fees $3 - $15 per page times the number of manuscript pages.  These fees can increase to $15 per page, or more, based on the time needed for editing. If we accept your book for publishing, a proposal will be sent to your on the cost of editing. 


2) Book page sizing / designing is based on number of pages and text. If photos are included, this cost could increase to $100.00.


$125.00  up to 100 pages 

$250.00  up to 200 pages  

$390.00  up to 300 pages  

$540.00 up to 400 pages  

$650.00 up to 500 pages  

$790.00 up to 690 pages  


3) Creating a book cover 

$500.00 to $1,500.00 

If author has their own cover, the cost will be $0.00


4) NO Fees for PDF sent to author for final approval. 


5) Additional costs: Before the book is setup for production: 



  • $45 for 1 print proof (sent UPS overnight) for your final approval, before going to print and distribution

  • $150 if first print proof is approved - But another proof is requested after 1st proof was approved and the book is in production, (another PDF will be created)

  • $300 if changes to book come after production. Production will be halted. Incoming sales will stop for one month,or until $300 is received.



The Author will be able to buy their own book at 45% off the retail price, plus shipping, and taxes, to do their own events.