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DragonEye Publishing strives to offer extremely competitive publishing options. New authors must show enthusiasm about being an Author by maintaining a website, attend book signings, contacting radio, TV, and bloggers for interviews.  It is also essential to maintain consistent contact with readers by using Social Media in order to promote their book(s), as well as themselves.

With over 2 million plus titles published worldwide yearly, it is a process that takes time, and an author must be willing to work hard to be noticed. Until that time, it is impossible to know how a book will sell until it is out in the market. When a book begins to sell well, other Publisher's will contact DragonEye Publishing. At that time, we will contact the author that a larger Publishing Company is interested in buying the re-print rights. Once the author accepts, that Publishing House will extend an Advance Royalty Payment.

If you are thinking about publishing your manuscript with DragonEye Publishing, please read about our services on our Publishing Information page. At DragonEye Publishing, we offer more than just services. Our authors join us in a community of support, and where the authors' control their own author destiny.

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Your book will be available to bookstores, online booksellers, libraries, schools and wholesalers / distributors worldwide in 200 countries. 
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