Illegal Printing

It is Illegal to Print and Sell Our Books in ANY Form!

Any books in any form - whether e-book, paperback, and/or hardback, and more - which are printed and sold without a signed consent or approval by DragonEye Publishing House, is illegal.  All parties involved will be prosecuted - including, but not limited to Authors, Wholesalers/Distributors, Booksellers, Printers, Self-Publishers (including any of the same online) - will be fined $30K per title, per copy. 

Anyone, including Authors, making illegal copies of any books from DragonEye Publishing House, whether paperback, hardback, e-books, and more, which are printed at printing shops with our ISBN, or with the ISBN removed, and sell said books in any market, will be fined no less than $40K, along with all people involved. All book orders are recorded with DragonEye Publishing House. Also note that ISBN numbers and ASIN are NOT the same.  ASIN's are assigned by book sellers, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and are entirely traceable back to the seller.  These will also be prosecuted if an attempt is used to sell books by ASIN's that are not assigned.  This includes, but is not limited to e-books, private or business websites without prior signed approval by DragonEye Publishing House.

This is strictly enforced by DragonEye Publishing House. We are watching all booksellers and sales worldwide. 

To DragonEye Publishing House Authors:

NOTE: Our Authors have also agreed to this in the new DragonEye Publishing Contract, and will continue beyond  your Contract's end, and is lifetime enforcement. All former authors are also included in this, as well, and will be applied to them. If any violate this contract in any form as outlined above, they will be prosecuted.  Remember...ISBN / LCCN is owned by DragonEye Publishing House only! 

Updated on 4/26/2016 
(Originally written on August 1, 2013) 
 (for Worldwide Distribution)

Note to the following:  
Online sellers 
E-books Sellers

Self Publishers

Publisher and Director,  
Michael J. Kiser