Carol Schaufel

Carol is a person who walked on her knees from the age of four until she needed to use a wheelchair at the age of six. She never remembered a time when she could dress herself or go to the bathroom without assistance. She experienced life’s highs— romance, marriage, kids, grandkids, a Master’s Degree, travel including Europe and Central America, nine years of teaching math, 31 years of rehabilitation counseling, faith in God and people… and the lows—illness, deaths of multiple peers, loss of parents, loss of savings, and unspeakable things like rape, a needed abortion and even the paranormal. She was the Person of the Year in her home town of Kenosha, WI in 1982 and has received various recognition's. Her real success, however, is about and from the people and support around her. One of her doctors encouraged her to write this book because many people with severe disabilities don’t even try to work.


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By the Grace of God and You - A Chair Does Not A Person Make by Carol Schaufel (EBook)

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