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Michael Kiser

Michael J. Kiser grown up in  New York State.

Back in 1986 Michael  Kiser started writing about his journeys’ in his life that started back in 1968, which involved the learning of the Metaphysical aspect of life. At the same time being brought up as Christian, but Michael favored the metaphysical, and along with all that was involved in the pre-ancient mythology of a world that many refuse to even believe that even existed.


As many people only believe that our civilization is all that there is, and that there is not any thing older than our civilization.


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Battling Guillain Barre Syndrome / Acute Relapsing CIDP By Michael Kiser (Paperback)

Paperback - 1st Edition / 1st Printing - Out of Print - Limited Copies Available
€10.28 €7.74

The End Times - What Is It Really About? By Michael Kiser (E-Book)

Format: EBook - EPub - Available Immediately After Purchase
€4.29 €3.43

One Day at a Time, with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and CIDP By Michael Kiser (Ebook)

Format: EBook - EPub - Available Immediately After Purchase
€4.29 €3.43